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Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and SEO

For all the Internet surfers those require browsing all the time, always need a powerful browser. Of course the Internet Explorer is pretty good for simple browsing but as per my experience even with the IE 7 Version, it slows down and sometimes halt with the heavy browsing.

This may not be a problem for casual users but a big hurdle for the SEO Professionals. There are others like Netscape Navigator, Google Chrome but what I’m confident and satisfied with, is a Mozilla Firefox browser. has recently updated with the new release of Firefox Version 3.5 that brings many new facilities to professionals. Getting Multiple Addons and running smoothly has been resolved through the said. Since I need many addons to evaluate things related Search Engine Optimization.

If you are an SEO Expert, I’d strongly suggest’s Firefox with its latest version 3.5 as it facilitates with a lot of SEO Tools.

Adding a Home Page Only Link on Blog

Since we try to provide every possible assistance to web owners in text link building process, we have another help line that seems important for web owners to generate more revenues from their websites.

If you need multiple options for making money from your site so, you can segregate between the site-wide and Home page only link. If your site is not pretty much attractive for advertisers then you can keep providing the extra benefit of site wide links that may assist to get more attention from advertisers but, if you feel your site is highly favorite to advertisers, you can make multiple options for link placements. One is the Site wide (all pages) and the other is Home page only link that will appear only on the home page.

During our text link building processes with the web owners, we realized that majority of them don’t know the procedure to make a link “home page only” in the ‘s blog.

Below is a step by step guide to add a homepage only link in blog.

1. Add a “Link List” widget from your account and put a title as per your wish (generally title named as “Partner Sites” or Favorite Site”) and remember the title you entered.
2. select the “Layout” tab.
3. From “LayOut” tab, click on the “Edit html” tab under it. You’ll a check box on the right hand side just on the top of the source code. Check the box “Expand Widget Templates”.
4. Press and hold the control key and press “F” to find your widget you already placed for link list. You can find as “<b:widget id=”.
5. Just below the widget id, you’ll find another code line as “<b:includable id=’main’>” .
6. If you have located the tag <b:includable id=’main’> , place the code under it as provided below:-

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl’>

7. Once you have placed the above code, now you’ll find the closing tag </b:includable> few lines below.

8. When you fond above mentioned tag, place the code just above it as provided below:-


Now you have done with making a link “Home Page Only”.

For further assistance, feel free to contact.

SEO Assistants: Article Writing, Comments, Text Links

As for as businesses are getting automated, the marketing and advertising has also raised to its climax over the Internet. Certain techniques and methodologies have been invented to meet the business revenues. One way is to put the banners on the other sites for getting publicity and a bit of reputation. The prices for the kind of advertisements are still higher, since the occupying more space on the web pages.

The other Strategy which is quite feasible and more effective is the Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the simplest and more result oriented method but needs certain strategies to meet the SEO requisites. If the process of building stronger SEO is authentic and in the pretty right direction, there isn’t any thing then to stop the Generation of Revenues beyond imaginations.

Article writing is a fun and is one of the major techniques of Search Engine Optimization. Writing an article is not a problem but writing a unique article is really precious and drives the nail very right for SEO purpose. Once the article has been written uniquely, the next step is to put it into the particular social media platforms where the viewers mostly come for their reading material. Submitting article to one of that platform and leaving a link back to your site can make site highly favorite to search engines.

Other method is the Text Link Building where you place a link on related others sites back to your site. This process is the major one and the most effective in Search Engine Optimization. Comparing to banner ads, the Text Link Ads require a very small amount but provide brighter consequences. Only you need to contact the very right SEO Expert for the Targeted Text Link Building.

The third method is to put “Comments” on related site posts providing your keywords in place of name and the website in the place of URL. This method is totally free but assistant to SEO Process.

There are still many ways where you can get the better results in your Website Promotions and revenue generation.

For more consultancy or services, do drop an email or call us directly.

How text Link Ads rates differ among the sites?

Since we are in text link building services for many years, there are variety of rate differences against the same stats sites. Stats in relation with page rank, Alexa, contents and other SEO factors.

During our operations, many advertisers tend to ask for the price difference against different sites, this made me to write a complete review about the matter that how does the difference occur.

You see, some good page rank sites with good Alexa and unique contents charge a low to medium fee for a link per month but at the same place a poor traffic site with low page rank and higher Alexa values demands much higher than of the former. The reason is very obvious that there are no certain rates under one authority and the web owners are totally free to charge as per their wishes. In that kind of case, we are always dependent over the web owners for making a quot to advertisers. However, we always select web-owners with the good sense of marketing and awareness to general market rates moreover, the advertisers have liberty to differentiate and select the most competent as per their budget and requisites.

For the general operations and market rates, the rate is higher for high page rank, greater traffic and unique content sites and a much lower for the low traffic, low PR and mirror content sites.

For further understanding and more information, do drop an email or call us directly to our skype. and Website Promotions!

We all are pretty much aware of the of course it makes the people to meet and share amongst known and unknown personalities.

The role is quite simple that we can find our lovers or beloved or any person as per our interests. But, do you believe that it has proven a dramatic advancement in exposure and expansion of businesses?


Its an awesome platform where we can develop an everlasting and increasing business prospects. We can connect people directly and in directly related to our products or services OR we can make as much connections as much we can and we really don’t know that a small idea can give us such a big amount of revenues that we ever imagine about. So, if you’d like your business to reach the climax of success, simply start using facebook and you’ll get to the prosperity.

For further details and consultancy of how to get into the facebook more effectively, do drop an email or call us directly.

How to Add a Link in’s blog

During the course of our business operations, we have noticed that some blog owners don’t know that how to add a link in the blog. We are prompted multiple times to guide them step by step to add a link.

For our respected web-owners, we have created a complete and easy step by step guide for adding a link in the’s blog.

Here is the guide:

1. Login to your blogger account for your blog like your blog
(You’ll directly be logged in to your blog’s Dashboard)

2. From Dashboard Click on the tab “LayOut”.

3. In the LayOut, you’ll see “blog posts” on the left side and “Add a Gadget” on the right side.
(the right side “Add a Gadget” is your right sidebar of the blog)

4. Click on “Add a Gadget” either top of the side bar or the bottom, as per your wish.
(On clicking at “Add a Gadget” you’ll see a new small window is open with the list of gadgets).

5. From the list of Gadgets, select “Text” and you’ll see a text box (almost similar to post box when you create a new post).

6. Write any title in the “Title” box, you can write title as “Partner Sites” or “Favorite Sites” or “Useful Sites”.

7. In the “Content Box” (just below the title box) place the link as example provided in the image below:-


8. Once the link above is placed in the content box, click on the “Save” button and the window will automatically be closed and the gadget is now added in the “Layout”.

9. Click again on the “Save” button” provided in the “Layout” portion.

You have placed the link and you can see it in the blog now.

For further questions or queries, you can drop an email or call us directly at provided details.

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