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Google Crawler Latest Trends

Googlebot or the Google crawler’s current Algo defines a lot of change in ranking any websites. The major change was held with the use of unique content and the way sites are interlinked. Sites with duplicated content were set to n/a pr from even PR7 and so. Sites with unique content were upgraded to higher page ranks like PR6 and PR7 even PR8 from PR2 and PR0. Site linking from duplicate content sites were also lost there rankings and positions in search engines. The best way to achieve today’s search Engine ranking and positions, is to have matchless content, and to have links from Unique content sites.

SEO and your Website Presence

Search Engine Optimization has already played a significant role in promotion of online businesses through search engines. The web presence thus becomes vital when any business entity pops out first in the search results specifically when the organic search is made by the Internet users.

In the start, SEO remained mainly in the off-site areas where the focus was to make the site as much optimized that it should at least come in the first 10 pages results. Research teams were designed and they were devotedly continue to find the ways to improve the SEO stats as better as possible.

Sooner the teams realized that the off page seo is not enough to bring the site on the first search engine results they were thus intended to introduce another aspect of Search Engine Optimization. This aspect was the on-site SEO techniques that are also known as on the page seo nowadays. On site Search engine optimization is the process of developing site in such a way that it should become favorite to search queries and search engines. Here the core focus was to put right headings, very right contents that are pretty much related with the nature of website, layout and short source code with friendly tools and the use of optimized images.

This actually improved today’s online businesses web presence in an efficient manner and that it consequently guarantees better Returns on Investment.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

The term SEO and SEM are pretty famous but confusing at the same time. There is a single alphabet difference in both by writing but a difference of many pages in understanding. Of course, there is a lot more difference in in effectiveness though the purpose remains the same of Business Promotions and generation of Higher Revenues.

SEO the Search Engine Optimization has played a pretty significant role in up lifting the business promotion and developing new and effective strategies for revenue generation. Organic SEO always lead to better results and consequently better promotions. This is all about learning the search engine’s crawling algorithms like of, MSN, Yahoo and Alta Vista. The basic theme is to promote certain keywords that are highly user or the customer friendly that target your products or the services. Idea remains the same of Advertising as well but the purpose is to get the juice of traffic on any other similar business sites that relates the same philosophy of your business. Not an easy but strategic in applications if you really know the advanced techniques to get this done in a natural way.

SEM, Search Engine Marketing has two aspects one of the SEO and the other of Marketing. You’d rather be afraid what the hell I’m talking about? I’ll say yes.. SEO is in fact a sub component of SEM but it main deal with the Marketing and the direct advertising. In apparently the purpose is to get direct intentions of the customers rather than to get the juice of the traffic on specific site. This may include some nofollow tags as well since the aim is to get the maximum intention and attraction of the customers.

The term will rather be more clear if I say, SEM has two pillars one is the SEO and the other is Internet Advertising.

How Alexa defines site’s traffic –

Alexa has been proven as a good tool in evaluating website’s traffic and page views. It basically calculates the average visitors and the page views for a day over a certain period of time, like generally past three months. ranks No.1 to those of a good traffic and page views sites. Like, any website that posses more visitors and those make more page views will be ranked 1.

The value that Alexa displays as a “Traffic Rank” for any site can be defined as,

The lower the Alexa Rank at any site the higher the traffic and page views at that site


The higher the Alexa rank at any site, the lower the traffic and page views at that site“.

SEO professionals & webmasters use this tool to keep eyes on what is going on with their sites.

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SEO Assistants: Article Writing, Comments, Text Links

As for as businesses are getting automated, the marketing and advertising has also raised to its climax over the Internet. Certain techniques and methodologies have been invented to meet the business revenues. One way is to put the banners on the other sites for getting publicity and a bit of reputation. The prices for the kind of advertisements are still higher, since the occupying more space on the web pages.

The other Strategy which is quite feasible and more effective is the Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the simplest and more result oriented method but needs certain strategies to meet the SEO requisites. If the process of building stronger SEO is authentic and in the pretty right direction, there isn’t any thing then to stop the Generation of Revenues beyond imaginations.

Article writing is a fun and is one of the major techniques of Search Engine Optimization. Writing an article is not a problem but writing a unique article is really precious and drives the nail very right for SEO purpose. Once the article has been written uniquely, the next step is to put it into the particular social media platforms where the viewers mostly come for their reading material. Submitting article to one of that platform and leaving a link back to your site can make site highly favorite to search engines.

Other method is the Text Link Building where you place a link on related others sites back to your site. This process is the major one and the most effective in Search Engine Optimization. Comparing to banner ads, the Text Link Ads require a very small amount but provide brighter consequences. Only you need to contact the very right SEO Expert for the Targeted Text Link Building.

The third method is to put “Comments” on related site posts providing your keywords in place of name and the website in the place of URL. This method is totally free but assistant to SEO Process.

There are still many ways where you can get the better results in your Website Promotions and revenue generation.

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Why On-Site or On the Page SEO?

On the site SEO also called On page SEO. There is a difference in the names but no difference in the work and effectiveness.

Whenever we take a start with a new business, we always need a website online as per the current era’s requisites. We usually spend 30% on assets & accessories and 30% to entire matter whereas, at least 40% goes to advertising and marketing as per the general conceptual investment plan. Sometimes, the cost doubles for the advertising & marketing comparing to rest of investment. In this scenario, we usually get 10 to 15% of the revenue at max and yet the business is not routed across the globe.

What SEO does, is to cost just a fraction of the investment and it gives revenues might be 20 folds extra the revenue generated from traditional marketing & advertising.

For the websites, the very first aspect of the SEO is the On-site SEO which is implemented during the website development process. This is just to give you understanding of On-site SEO and a bit of the significance in generation of revenue.

On-site SEO includes, website design, layout, tags, titles, headings, descriptions and your source code in overall. These are the aspects where search engine crawler looks and decides whether rank higher are lower and where to put 1st in the search results or the last.

The key idea is to make the content friendly to searchers and to search engines. If this is something you realize complicated for you, just drop us an email or call and we’ll be surely of your assistance.