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Frequently Asked Questions for Advertisers

What kind of text links an advertiser can buy from TMA?
TMA facilitates its respected advertisers with regular links (link list on the sidebars or bottom) including home page only and site-wide and contextual links within the existing text on either home or sub-pages. Moreover, advertisers can place a small para of 2 to 3 lines with link (s) embedded in it.

Does TMA provide advertisers with opportunity to place a new post in any blog of their interest?
Yes, TMA has numerous blogs on all niche where the advertisers can place a paid post with links embedded in it.

Does TMA allow banner ads?
Yes, TMA has variety of banner spaces available on the top, bottom, center and the sidebars of the web pages. It includes all sizes of banner ads.

Does TMA support any customizable services like Content Writing or any other SEO?
Yes, we have a well trained and expert content writers on all niche to comfort advertisers for buying all kind of SEO services at one place.

Does TMA support customizable search for any websites of advertiser’s interest?
TMA has a huge inventory of all niche websites however, if in case the advertiser wish to have specific websites that are not available within TMA inventory, TMA has robust expertise to find the sites and to collect prospects from the Internet and as per advertiser requisites. It generally includes specific niche search or extension based websites like, .nl, .de, .ca, .us, se, .fr etc.

Can advertisers see the URL of any websites he might be interested to place link on?
Yes, we present URLs to advertisers only once we have done with a deal and have come up to a final phase of placing links.

Are the advertisers supposed to pay upfront?
Yes, all advertisers are supposed to make payments in advance and prior to placements.

Can advertisers cancel any link after placement?
Advertisers can cancel any link but only after the first committed period. Like if advertiser had a deal with TMA for month to month placements, so he can cancel the deal or can pull down the link if the month is complete. OR, if any advertiser would like to remove any link during the period of commitment, he can remove but the money for the entire month will not be refunded.

What if any web owner removes the link, will the advertiser funded back with the amount he paid?
In case or in any case if a web owner removes link, TMA will refund money back to advertiser. However, the period (even a day) for what the link remained online will be chargeable and rest amount will definitely be returned back to advertiser.