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The Media Annexes binds its visitors to certain terms and conditions where its visitors fall in following categories:

Advertisers are our valuable customers who use to buy advertisements of several kinds from us for the sake of their business promotion and online web presence. We respectfully agree them in our Advertiser relationship policies under our Advertiser FAQs.

Publishers are our respected web owners who use to place our advertisements on their sites for which they receive compensation/revenues from us. These adverts include Text link ads, banner ads, articles/blog posts etc.
We hereby bind them to our Publisher relation policies under our Publisher FAQs.

Web Development and Other Services Seekers
These may include business owners and individuals whom we render our valuable website development and many other services. They are falling in our business, individual relationship policies under Web Development FAQs.

General Visitors
General visitors are people who are just visiting sites for certain information and they also fall under our copyright policies to not to copy any sort of content from our site.