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People who are looking to improve their web ranking and intend to increase their sales are known as our SEO and SEM clients.

We use cutting edge technology tools to analyze websites and get report statistics. However, our report result could have variations with any other tools available on the Internet because of website nature to change stats frequently as well as difference of the metrics other tools or software have with them.

Web ranking is guaranteed but it’s not all the time instant and takes some time to get into the search engine considerations.

No black hat or negative SEO techniques are used, we instead work the way white hat SEO guides, so risk-free tactics to avoid search engine penalties.


(A) Advertisers
Advertisers are the valuable customers who use to buy advertisements of any kinds including but not limited to text link ads, banner ads, and video ads from us for the sake of their business promotion and search engine ranking. We generally take payments up front for the placements and their renewal well before their expiry date.

An ad placed for certain period of time would not be refunded unless it is not placed on our own or client’s website. Once the ad is placed whether it is cancelled on the next day would not be refunded but can be removed any time on advertiser’s request.

More details could be found at our section Advertiser FAQs.

(B) Publishers
Publishers are respected web owners who use to accept our advertisements on their sites for which they receive compensation/revenues from us. These adverts include Text link ads, banner ads, articles/blog posts, and videos etc. Payment for the placement will be paid upfront but sooner after the ad is live on the site.

We generally don’t allow advertisers to cancel the ads before they expire however, as good will we ask web owners to cooperate should there be any coincidence.

More details could be found at our section Publisher FAQs.

Web Development and Other Services Seekers
These may include business owners and individuals to whom we render with our web development and many other services.

More details could be found at our section Web Development FAQs.

General Visitors
General visitors are people who are just visiting sites for certain information and they also fall under our copyright policies to not to copy any sort of content from our site.