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Frequently Asked Questions for Publishers

What is the revenue split between publisher and TMA?
TMA generally entertains web owners as per their expectations however, after certain market analysis.

What nature of websites are acceptable at TMA?
TMA deals in all niche websites but never deals with adult links or with links for goods and services that do not appear to be either legal or legitimate.

Does a publisher reserve the right to accept or reject any links?
Certainly, all the publishers reserve the right to accept or reject any link (s) that present or doesn’t present conflict to their interests. But once the links are accepted and placed, can only be removed after first committed period.

What duration of link placements does TMA deal in?
TMA deals in both short and long term placements like, from monthly (month to month) to 3months, 4months, 6months, 12months and permanent placements.

Does TMA allow link brokers to partner with it?
Yes, TMA has already a pretty long term relationship with the link brokers and welcome new comers as well to submit the sites they own, manage or brokerage.

How TMA finds ad offers for Publishers?

TMA has contracts with advertisers and also with ad partners (advertising agencies/brokers) where it presents websites for any interest to fetch ad offers for web owners.

Whether TMA pays in advance for any placements?
TMA absolutely pays its respected web owners in advance but after the links are placed.

What is the payment cycle or when a publisher will get paid?
A publisher will be getting paid within the same hour or within 24hours of the link placement and till the first committed period is expired. For example, if the link is placed on 15th of any month, the publisher will get paid for the amount that covers the days from 15th to the last day of the month.

What payment method can be accepted at TMA?
TMA always try to accommodate web owners with many payment options that include PayPal as a preferred option but also have bank transfer, paper checks, Moneybookers and Western Union. We may also consider any legal alternative options that may comfort our publishers.

How TMA responds to the Renewal Payments?
The Media Annexes has an automated system for link management, so no web owner is required to send reminder emails because TMA pays web owners right on the 1st or 2nd of each month that the link renews.

How the links are placed on websites either Manually or Automatically?
Since we give a full liberty to web owners to accept or reject any link, we also give them freedom to place links manually as per their desired location.