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Working Since 2008, The Media Annexes team excels in your online business establishment, online, reputation management, and improving web presence through its state of the art services include but not limited to search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media promotion, email marketing, web development and CMS Solutions like WP, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. We work closely with clients to meet their satisfactions throughout the process and after the services are delivered.

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A thorough research is our preliminary approach to start any project by implementing SWAT analysis. We document each step before we proceed and after the work is accomplished to witness & keep track of what exactly we did to uplift your business.

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Website design and development with fabulous styles, layouts, and easy to use interfaces. Showcasing complete information for your requisites.

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Result oriented services with proven methods to boost your website ranking and search engine indexing. Our result speaks itself and we don't leave any stone unturned in putting level best efforts.

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A company since 2008, have gone through all the pioneer phases of the evolution of SEO and digital marketing from starter to expert levels.

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We believe in continuous struggle to get continuous improvement over each methods. Keeping in touch with the algos enables us to achieve goals.

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We don't blindly start working on the websites, we instead make thorough research over keywords, competitors, and their strategies too.

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A committed team of highly trained professionals with versatile expertise in all aspect of information technology. Qualified with updated certifications & practical.

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Use of latest tools and technologies enables us to remain upper handed in planning and implementing new strategies.

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We are available round the clock and round the year also, honored to serve entire globe, from the pioneer freelancers.

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Amazon Product Hunt, Product Sourcing, Selling Skills

Amazon is a huge marketplace hence a potential source for online shopping businesses.

From the last few years, Amazon has widen up its span and geographical covering in both sellers and buyers aspects.

Before we discuss major pillars of the Amazon business we would first learn two basic concepts of the Amazon relations.

1. FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon)

This relationship means Amazon would be taking care of storing your product inventory, and shipping them to buyers address once ordered.

2. FBM (Fulfilment by Merchant)

This method tells us that the seller would be responsible to store inventory of their products and shipping them to customers as the orders receive.

3. Amazon (Itself)

Products that Amazon owns and sells on its own behalf.

So, the most commonly used and hassle free method is FBA where sellers only learn certain techniques to find product of sales potential and sell them through Amazon with small Amazon processing charges.

We shall now learn how exactly we can do this business and can acquire skills for a successful Amazon associates.


Amazon Product hunting

TOOLS for Product Hunting
Jungle Scout
(how many people selling and what is best selling) Tells competition of product

  • Merchant Words
    (Keywords people searching to find product) How much search is intact by the people
  • Helium10
    (keywords ranking of competitors) competitors are ranked on what keywords
  • Viral Launch
    Also for keywords

If you don’t have any tools, then the best way is to open amazon website and select your target country.
Then in the search bar, search for any keywords for example leather jackets.
You’ll see a list of leather jackets will be displayed which will help you to see how many people are searching for this keyword, how many people selling this product etc.

Now you can also get to know the sellers stock and the daily sales through following procedure:

  1. open top 10 products (from same product but each from different seller) in new link.
  2. Add to cart each sellers prodct and place quantity as 999 (max allowed limit).
    Once you’ll place the figure 999, the amazon bot will tell you how many pcs the sellers left with them.
  3. Note down all the stock details.
  4. Repeat same procedure daily and for a week period.
    This will let you know howmany products are sold everyday, for example if you get to know quantity 500 by first day and 400 by second day from same seller and for same product.
    Means 100 pcs were sold and this way you can get an average figure of the entire week for each seller.
    This way you can see the sales potential of the product as well as top 10 sellers average sale.
  5. Also see the number of reviews against each prodct of each seller.
  6. Also cross check whether the product in the search result is same for all ten sellers?
  7. Also the price consistancy and variation from seller to seller so that you can set your own price.


Performing Competitor Analysis

The most effective and crucial part in business promotions, is the competitor analysis. If you know your competitors, their products/services, their prices, their existence, capability and scalability, you can make a decent move in your business establishment and success. In fact, a true and wiser SWOT Analysis can make the things easy to go.

  • First step is to identify who your competitors are?
  • Find out what services and products your competitors offer.
  • Make a thorough Research on your competitors’ sales techniques and their results.
  • Understand competitor’s product marketing strategies.
  • Find out your competitors’ pricing, as well as any discounts/perks and promotions on regular price.
  • Ensure to be competitive or at least meeting your competitive delivery/shipping costs.
  • Where online entities are concerns, take note of the content strategy your competitors intact with.
  • Try seeking information about the technology stacks your competitors using.
  • Learn the visitor’s engagement level on your competitor’s content.
  • Try observing their tactics through which they promote the content.
  • Be sure to know their social media presence and activeness by frequently visiting their platforms.
  • SWOT Analysis is a superb approach to learn your own as well as their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Hope this would address most of your analytical concerns you could do for your business promotion and competitor analysis.

Should you intend to hire our services, we are available round the clock and to the entire globe with state of the art services using cutting edge technologies -> Contact Today: [email protected]

How to create WordPress website on local host

Learning how to run a wordpress website on your computer is quite easier, i shall guide you step by step all the necessary steps.

You’d be able to enjoy your worpdress website running on your local computer in five simple steps:

  1. Downloading Xampp Server
  2. Downloading Latest WordPress package
  3. Configuring Xampp Server
  4. Configuring WordPress
  5. Configuring Website on your WordPress


You can download xampp server right from your browser with your internet connection, I shall suggest downloading from

Once the download is complete, locate the file in the downloads and try saving it in your software section of any drive.

Now double click the xampp file and follow the steps on the popped up dialog box to configure your xampp server. You can keep the default settings/configurations intact and press the “next” button to proceed with installation.

sooner your xampp server would be installed depending upon speed of your internet.

Configuring Xampp Server

(a) Go to the opened dialog box of the xampp server that you see after xampp installation and start apache and mysql server.

(b) Click on the admin button next to MySql start button to create your database. You’ll be taken to the borwser window with MySql configuration page.

(c) Click on the database tab from the opened window and name the database (you can keep the name as “wordpress” or whatever you wish you see as your website name but in running and with no space. In my case, I put it as bsdigital.

Click the “Create” button next to the name and your database would now be created.


Now it the time to download wordpress package, you can do it easily and directly from Here is the link for your assistance:

From the given two options, select “Download and install it yourself”. The download would complete sooner depending upon your internet speed.

Extract your compressed wordpress file on the same place and once extracted, name the file whatever name your kept for your database (Like I shall put it as “bsdigital” because I created my database in the same name. Now copy the folder.

Now go to your “C” drive where you installed your xampp server and open the xampp folder.

Locate and open the “htdoc” folder from xampp folder.

Now paste your wordpress folder here (like I copied my “bsdigital” folder and pasted here).

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