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Working Since 2008, The Media Annexes team excels in your online business establishment, online, reputation management, and improving web presence through its state of the art services include but not limited to search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media promotion, email marketing, web development and CMS Solutions like WP, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. We work closely with clients to meet their satisfactions throughout the process and after the services are delivered.

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A thorough research is our preliminary approach to start any project by implementing SWAT analysis. We document each step before we proceed and after the work is accomplished to witness & keep track of what exactly we did to uplift your business.

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Website design and development with fabulous styles, layouts, and easy to use interfaces. Showcasing complete information for your requisites.

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Result oriented services with proven methods to boost your website ranking and search engine indexing. Our result speaks itself and we don't leave any stone unturned in putting level best efforts.

Technology from tomorrow

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The work that makes a difference!

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A company since 2008, have gone through all the pioneer phases of the evolution of SEO and digital marketing from starter to expert levels.

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We believe in continuous struggle to get continuous improvement over each methods. Keeping in touch with the algos enables us to achieve goals.

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We don't blindly start working on the websites, we instead make thorough research over keywords, competitors, and their strategies too.

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A committed team of highly trained professionals with versatile expertise in all aspect of information technology. Qualified with updated certifications & practical.

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Use of latest tools and technologies enables us to remain upper handed in planning and implementing new strategies.

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We are available round the clock and round the year also, honored to serve entire globe, from the pioneer freelancers.

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Cheap Website Development in Newcastle, UK

Worried about sky-touching prices for web development?

Don’t worry, The Media Annexes not only helps creating your web entities at substantially cheap rates but also guides to improve your website ranking to generate higher revenues. Our proficient team of IT professionals work closely with clients to tailor all needs to meet their satisfactions. In fact, we know all the basic to advanced tactics to build enchanting websites with cutting edge technologies that leaves no stone unturned in satisfying customers and yielding exciting results.

What we bring for you in this package:

  • WordPress Website as Low as £249/- Only
  • SEO Optimized Design/Layouts
  • Front page Slider
  • News/Info Reel/Ticker
  • Creation of 5 Pages
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page
  • Creation of 5 Blog Posts
  • Front Page/Slider Graphics

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How to create transparent blur effect in Photoshop

Photoshop is one the most proficient image editing and graphics designing software. It provides numerous tools to make and shape the images as per our requisites. Today, we see the website or the business worth well with the image and video presentations and PS helps to make it possible depending upon our skills and hands on practices.

Today’s topic is how we can create transparent blur effect in photoshop, so below are the steps that need to be taken for the same:

  1. Open a new file to create your transparent blur effect image, I created 1000×1000 dimension blank layer. You may name it a transparent blur function and save.

2. Apply a background image by copying and pasting on the same layer.

3. Select the image layer and go to layer menu to create a duplicate layer. You can do this by pressing cntrl+J as well.

4. Select the duplicate layer and go to filter menu to select blur-> Gaussian Blur..

This will blur the layer and will display a prompt dialogue to select the radios. You may vary the value of radios as per your choice.

5. Make the blur image invisible by clicking on the “eye” beside the layer.

6. Select the first image layer again and draw a rectangle box.

I created something like below:

7. Select the blur image layer (it will go visible automatically) and press cntrl+G.

This will show up something like below:

8. Now double click the rectangle mask to open blending options and check the inner glow.

it will show up like this:

9. You can now write anything on the created transparent blur mask.

What I have written is as below:

So, All Done for now!

Step by Step Quick Guide to SEO and Domain Selection

Few tips to setting up a website from scratch and selecting domain name with SEO approach. If you already have a website, you may follow steps after domain is setup.

Selecting a Domain Name:

Domain name plays important role in search engine indexing against organic search from users and makes SEO efforts easy to implement to get on the top SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). So, before you select a domain for your blog or website, try including the keyword of your product or services you are going to target. For example, if you are planning to setup a website or blog to sell or promote jackets, you may try registering domain name that contains the word “jacket or jackets” i.e cowboyjacketsonline dot com or ladiesjackets dot com etc. You may use shopping, online shopping also with your product if your site is an ecommerce website.

Now you can see your domain itself promoting your brand and working as a keyword against numerous user-defined enquiries in search engines.

Creating SEO-Oriented Website Structure (Basic):

If  you have a little knowledge of html and css, you may go to your “header” file from the hosting control panel. Here you need to add some meta tags and the title tag for your website. Title tag should contain between 50 and 70 characters in a good SEO practices. Then two meta tags have to be significantly inserted and these include meta “keyword” and meta “description” tags. In best SEO approach, your description should contain no more than 150 characters and the same you may use for keywords writing.

Selecting Keywords:

Keywords are the words which best describe your product or services and are the words which people generally search in the search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. It is always good to create a keywords package that reveal your product or services. You may use Google Keyword Planner to select appropriate keywords and to see the competition as well. You can also see complete bidding values if you are interested in googleAdwords after your have selected targeted regions of your choice.

Developing SEO-Oriented Website Content:

After you have selected a domain name for your website, it’s time to follow SEO approach to setup your website on your hosting. You may select any of the CMS for your blog or website including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal OR you may have a private engine to run your website. After your engine is installed (you have setup your website) you are now required to put content on your website. Keep in mind, content is the key power to your SEO and overall indexing after domain name. So it’s better to have the content pre-written for your main page (home page) either yourself or from a professional content writer. Your content should speak about your product or services uniquely and in a way that stimulates visitors to turn into customers. Be sure to avoid any duplicate content and the repetition of similar words.

Adding Posts or Articles to your Blog:

If your website is a blog, it is better to you have some articles pre-written which you may post one by one after 3 to 5 days delay in each. Remember, the more unique and informative useful articles you have on your blog, the more indexing and promotion you’ll get for your blog. Try writing articles with the minimum length of 300-500 words but better if you could include more length but always avoid copied content.

Backlink Creation for Indexing:

Google and other seach engines like yahoo, bing etc automatically index web pages however it may take some time, but to get your web pages indexed quickly you may use backlinking techniques in which you may put comments under relevant blog posts of other websites or you may create forum profiles and can participate in discussion leaving your link back to your own website. If you don’t have a time to do this at yourself, you may hire services from any service providers like us “The Media Annexes“. Always remember, your irrelevant or improper backlinks may lead to google penalties where you may lose your indexing for longer time.

Backlinking for Promotion:

After you have seen that your web pages are all getting indexed in all major search engines, you may now proceed to get your web pages promoted against certain keywords of your business. You can either do it yourself or may get is done from any SEO service providers like us – >> The Media Annexes  for instant and strategic link building. A very careful selection of websites and blogs is required keeping in mind the relevancy of content, authority and the search engine ranking as well in order to get on the tops of SERPS.

Note: It is always recommended not to perform crucial link building if your website domain is fresh and its rather better to do it gradually to avoid any indexing loss or penalties from search engines.

You have done with your basic SEO approach to website setup and promotion. For more information, keep visiting our blog or Contact Us for expert advice of services.

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