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Performing Competitor Analysis

The most effective and crucial part in business promotions, is the competitor analysis. If you know your competitors, their products/services, their prices, their existence, capability and scalability, you can make a decent move in your business establishment and success. In fact, a true and wiser SWOT Analysis can make the things easy to go.

  • First step is to identify who your competitors are?
  • Find out what services and products your competitors offer.
  • Make a thorough Research on your competitors’ sales techniques and their results.
  • Understand competitor’s product marketing strategies.
  • Find out your competitors’ pricing, as well as any discounts/perks and promotions on regular price.
  • Ensure to be competitive or at least meeting your competitive delivery/shipping costs.
  • Where online entities are concerns, take note of the content strategy your competitors intact with.
  • Try seeking information about the technology stacks your competitors using.
  • Learn the visitor’s engagement level on your competitor’s content.
  • Try observing their tactics through which they promote the content.
  • Be sure to know their social media presence and activeness by frequently visiting their platforms.
  • SWOT Analysis is a superb approach to learn your own as well as their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Hope this would address most of your analytical concerns you could do for your business promotion and competitor analysis.

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How to create WordPress website on local host

Learning how to run a wordpress website on your computer is quite easier, i shall guide you step by step all the necessary steps.

You’d be able to enjoy your worpdress website running on your local computer in five simple steps:

  1. Downloading Xampp Server
  2. Downloading Latest WordPress package
  3. Configuring Xampp Server
  4. Configuring WordPress
  5. Configuring Website on your WordPress


You can download xampp server right from your browser with your internet connection, I shall suggest downloading from

Once the download is complete, locate the file in the downloads and try saving it in your software section of any drive.

Now double click the xampp file and follow the steps on the popped up dialog box to configure your xampp server. You can keep the default settings/configurations intact and press the “next” button to proceed with installation.

sooner your xampp server would be installed depending upon speed of your internet.

Configuring Xampp Server

(a) Go to the opened dialog box of the xampp server that you see after xampp installation and start apache and mysql server.

(b) Click on the admin button next to MySql start button to create your database. You’ll be taken to the borwser window with MySql configuration page.

(c) Click on the database tab from the opened window and name the database (you can keep the name as “wordpress” or whatever you wish you see as your website name but in running and with no space. In my case, I put it as bsdigital.

Click the “Create” button next to the name and your database would now be created.


Now it the time to download wordpress package, you can do it easily and directly from Here is the link for your assistance:

From the given two options, select “Download and install it yourself”. The download would complete sooner depending upon your internet speed.

Extract your compressed wordpress file on the same place and once extracted, name the file whatever name your kept for your database (Like I shall put it as “bsdigital” because I created my database in the same name. Now copy the folder.

Now go to your “C” drive where you installed your xampp server and open the xampp folder.

Locate and open the “htdoc” folder from xampp folder.

Now paste your wordpress folder here (like I copied my “bsdigital” folder and pasted here).

Cheap Website Development in Newcastle, UK

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What we bring for you in this package:

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How to create transparent blur effect in Photoshop

Photoshop is one the most proficient image editing and graphics designing software. It provides numerous tools to make and shape the images as per our requisites. Today, we see the website or the business worth well with the image and video presentations and PS helps to make it possible depending upon our skills and hands on practices.

Today’s topic is how we can create transparent blur effect in photoshop, so below are the steps that need to be taken for the same:

  1. Open a new file to create your transparent blur effect image, I created 1000×1000 dimension blank layer. You may name it a transparent blur function and save.

2. Apply a background image by copying and pasting on the same layer.

3. Select the image layer and go to layer menu to create a duplicate layer. You can do this by pressing cntrl+J as well.

4. Select the duplicate layer and go to filter menu to select blur-> Gaussian Blur..

This will blur the layer and will display a prompt dialogue to select the radios. You may vary the value of radios as per your choice.

5. Make the blur image invisible by clicking on the “eye” beside the layer.

6. Select the first image layer again and draw a rectangle box.

I created something like below:

7. Select the blur image layer (it will go visible automatically) and press cntrl+G.

This will show up something like below:

8. Now double click the rectangle mask to open blending options and check the inner glow.

it will show up like this:

9. You can now write anything on the created transparent blur mask.

What I have written is as below:

So, All Done for now!

Step by Step Quick Guide to SEO and Domain Selection

Few tips to setting up a website from scratch and selecting domain name with SEO approach. If you already have a website, you may follow steps after domain is setup.

Selecting a Domain Name:

Domain name plays important role in search engine indexing against organic search from users and makes SEO efforts easy to implement to get on the top SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). So, before you select a domain for your blog or website, try including the keyword of your product or services you are going to target. For example, if you are planning to setup a website or blog to sell or promote jackets, you may try registering domain name that contains the word “jacket or jackets” i.e cowboyjacketsonline dot com or ladiesjackets dot com etc. You may use shopping, online shopping also with your product if your site is an ecommerce website.

Now you can see your domain itself promoting your brand and working as a keyword against numerous user-defined enquiries in search engines.

Creating SEO-Oriented Website Structure (Basic):

If  you have a little knowledge of html and css, you may go to your “header” file from the hosting control panel. Here you need to add some meta tags and the title tag for your website. Title tag should contain between 50 and 70 characters in a good SEO practices. Then two meta tags have to be significantly inserted and these include meta “keyword” and meta “description” tags. In best SEO approach, your description should contain no more than 150 characters and the same you may use for keywords writing.

Selecting Keywords:

Keywords are the words which best describe your product or services and are the words which people generally search in the search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. It is always good to create a keywords package that reveal your product or services. You may use Google Keyword Planner to select appropriate keywords and to see the competition as well. You can also see complete bidding values if you are interested in googleAdwords after your have selected targeted regions of your choice.

Developing SEO-Oriented Website Content:

After you have selected a domain name for your website, it’s time to follow SEO approach to setup your website on your hosting. You may select any of the CMS for your blog or website including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal OR you may have a private engine to run your website. After your engine is installed (you have setup your website) you are now required to put content on your website. Keep in mind, content is the key power to your SEO and overall indexing after domain name. So it’s better to have the content pre-written for your main page (home page) either yourself or from a professional content writer. Your content should speak about your product or services uniquely and in a way that stimulates visitors to turn into customers. Be sure to avoid any duplicate content and the repetition of similar words.

Adding Posts or Articles to your Blog:

If your website is a blog, it is better to you have some articles pre-written which you may post one by one after 3 to 5 days delay in each. Remember, the more unique and informative useful articles you have on your blog, the more indexing and promotion you’ll get for your blog. Try writing articles with the minimum length of 300-500 words but better if you could include more length but always avoid copied content.

Backlink Creation for Indexing:

Google and other seach engines like yahoo, bing etc automatically index web pages however it may take some time, but to get your web pages indexed quickly you may use backlinking techniques in which you may put comments under relevant blog posts of other websites or you may create forum profiles and can participate in discussion leaving your link back to your own website. If you don’t have a time to do this at yourself, you may hire services from any service providers like us “The Media Annexes“. Always remember, your irrelevant or improper backlinks may lead to google penalties where you may lose your indexing for longer time.

Backlinking for Promotion:

After you have seen that your web pages are all getting indexed in all major search engines, you may now proceed to get your web pages promoted against certain keywords of your business. You can either do it yourself or may get is done from any SEO service providers like us – >> The Media Annexes  for instant and strategic link building. A very careful selection of websites and blogs is required keeping in mind the relevancy of content, authority and the search engine ranking as well in order to get on the tops of SERPS.

Note: It is always recommended not to perform crucial link building if your website domain is fresh and its rather better to do it gradually to avoid any indexing loss or penalties from search engines.

You have done with your basic SEO approach to website setup and promotion. For more information, keep visiting our blog or Contact Us for expert advice of services.

Good Luck!


Wipe up your bad backlinks

Are you affected from penguin or panda before? OR If you have not looked back to the links coming to your pages, it’s really time to revert and check if it was done appropriately.

The time is to evaluate your linking with all recent SEO trends to make your pages saved from any google penalties. If you have used some link building services far before, you are really on the risk of failure sooner or later because the trends have now been changed and you need to clean up your bad backlinks before they make and severe affects.


Make your back links crystal clear and always care for the relevancy of the content on the site/pages linking to your pages. Moreover, the pages linking to you should not be linked from pages irrelevant to their content because if they are penalized, sooner you might get the same consequences.

backlink chain

SEO Tips as a Gift on Ending Year 2014

Search Engine Optimization is indeed an art to either enhance or loose your website ranking among different search engines. A white hat SEO (also known as ethical SEO) always yield positive returns however, a black hat on the other hand may have risky results, could probably be positive or negative.

The year 2014 has been a great year and our expertise towards SEO have proven significant improvements matching the S.Es crawler’s philosophy. We would love share some handful tactics those are easy to understand and implement.

SEO for 2014-2015

1. Website Animation/Slider
Creating attractive websites with lot of animations and images on home page is a great fun however, generally impact negatively on the website’s SEO. You could alternatively have a slider processing no more than 3-5 images which should be well optimized to match the weight of the header. These slider images can contain both text and the images to convey your product or services message to visitors.

2. Title and the Meta Tags
Putting meta tags in the header which at least contain title tag, description tag and the keywords tag. These tags help search engine crawlers to understand the subject of your website and can easily fetch into the S.E results whenever someone put queries matching your website subject.

Here is the standard size list for all three tags in the header file/page:
Note: include them before </head>

(a) Title Tag = 50-60 characters

i.e <title>Your website Title</title>

(b) Description Tag = 100-155 Characters

i.e <meta name=”description” content=”This is all about your website description may include main matter” />

(c) Keywords Tag = 100-255 characters

i.e <meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, keyword4, keyword5,  keyword6″  />

3. Social Media Linking
Make an efficient use of all Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitte, GooglePlus, LinkedIn etc.
You can route the information regarding your products or services within no time and without spending a penny. This will work for your as a free off page SEO.

4. Blog Posting

Try making use of WordPress technology which provides a decent website creation along-with blog to spread your news, updates or any other information.
Try creating at least one post a week to attract search engine crawler’s attention for all relevant queries. Use a combination of text and images (optimized) for better visitor’s attraction.

5. Free Blogging

Try reserving free wordpress and blogger domain naming your site and having link back to your private website. This will work as a off page SEO with free linkback to your page. Keep on posting relevant material with linkback to each respective page of your private/business web pages.



Does page rank important in google ranking?
Does Page Rank Necessary to Rank in SERP?

Does page rank important in google ranking?From the last decade, page rank has been considered a major pillar to understand any website’s worth however, the idea is still true because a google page rank is only given when a web page meets certain tough criteria of being the best among many.

A page rank is a measure of particular standards google has already defined for each page that include unique and valuable content on that page, number of sites linking to that page, quality and rank of sites linking to the page, and the domain’s age itself etc.

However, saying that you’ll get a top position in google results just because your site is having a higher page rank would definitely be not always true because a low PR page or even NO PR page can get on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) because of the content it contains and couple of other reasons.

So, it’s good to have higher page rank but better to pop up in first results of search engines which actually makes a good move in returns.

We at The Media Annexes aim to get provide both page rank and the top position in search engine result pages through our strategic efforts in search engine optimization.

Email Marketing and your Business Revenues

Since the world has become a village through the use of Internet, businesses have also been expanded creating more opportunities and enhancing revenues for even small business firms. Revenues of course based on the presence, popularity, and reputation of you brands over the Internet. This is not something like you simply create a website and start waiting for the customers buying your products or services online. It rather requires a deep strategy and planning for promotions over the Internet.

Don’t worry about the matter because, there is a decent way achieving your business objectives and meeting or exceeding your ROI dreams. The way is the Email marketing which indeed introduces your product or services to people who really looking for them. Keeping in mind, email marketing is only effective if routed to relevant people through the emails. So, the next core requisite seems to have a targeted email shooting so that receivers of the emails can get benefit of and must not be bothered from irrelevant emails.

In short, there is a decent resource available over the Internet which covers all the aspects a business in fact requires for better ROI.  The resource is the iContact that possesses a firm dexterity and expertise over the email marketing strategies. They follow a tactical approach in delivering your business message to people who really need the kind of products or services and they don’t spam.  The iContact have already obtained and keep on enhancing its huge email contact database on regular basis so that the email can improve the chances of conversions on the higher ends. The Advisory Services and the Design Services of iContact ensures a cent percent satisfaction from creating innovative and stimulating designs for your email templates to the successful email delivery to the right prospects.

The iContact also copes over the large sender lists for the wider business entities. Finally, to keep in touch with the relevant iContact and email marketing industry updates we’ll encourage you to sign up for Email Newsletter from the iContact website.

Hotel Internet Marketing and Web Design Guide

Hotel business is one of the best revenue generating businesses however, hotel revenues always depend upon how the hotel business was actually promoted and marketed. Since the world has now become a village through the use of Internet, it is an utmost necessity to have hotel internet marketing strategies for the promotion of hotel business online. Now, marketing a hotel business online requires two fundamental things. First thing is the designing and development of decent website that may attract more visitors. Keep in mind, website is a very first thing a site visitor (may be prospect) comes through and it works as a first impression. So, first impression is generally considered as the last impression. Second thing is the promotion and marketing of the hotel website over the Internet.

“The Media Annexes” covers both of the requirements in pretty sophisticated way and transforms processes in a successful way. Highly committed professionals are well adept in hotel web design where they innovate such website designs that always stimulate visitors to become customers. The Media Annexes specializes in optimization of online revenues for businesses that are focused on Internet marketing. It covers all the basic to advanced aspects of web designing and SEO through efficient strategies gained from experiences over many years. They render services in the field of web design, search engine optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC), Social media and reputation management, mobile marketing, Usability testing & analytics and the most is Hotel Revenue Management.