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Why do we need a Fan Page on Facebook?

As we know face book is a platform that gives facility to socialize ourselves and our businesses. It comes live from creating our personal account and explores itself with many possibilities and options to market stuff to our friends, family and the entire Globe wherever we can get people to visit us.

On the left, is the picture of a Fan Page on Facebook as you can see is broadcasting it’s news, events and offerings to it’s Fans across the Globe. In fact, fans are the people who voluntarily joins your page and they have a discrete interest in your page’s contents.

The lower Image is presenting a view of Fans on the very page of So you see you can have facility to have un-limited fans. There have been two major benefits of the page, as one of the Advertising (Totally Free) and the other of SEO where you are optimizing your pages from your website and creating back links for your each page.

Role of Blogging in Business Promotions

Blogging means we write something about anything we want our readers, clients, customers, friends and or family members to know about.

The concept is to reveal the detailed and hidden aspects of the particular things to provide the right and differential picture. The idea started from one’s own bio and the background, might be talking about one’s personal life thoroughly.

Businesses as soon as they gets to Internet started adopting the same idea in rather more broader exposure of their online business. A blog can easily talk about any product or services in depth to give more clarity of what the product or services is about and how it can benefit someone. A blog can also be used for any updates and advancements news regarding any product or services.

A blog feed can rout all the new updates in a very sophisticated way to customers email addresses. A blog can be used for the Business communication’s most important pillar “AIDA” where we create Attention, Interest, Desire and Action in readers to buy products or services.

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Web Promo in fact Business Promo

Since the Internet is an open market for the sale & purchase of product and services, the role of a business website becomes vital.

Website that reveals your business and further your product philosophy is in fact of highly significant aspect of the entire business. Keeping this valuable corner in mind, the word website promotions revokes itself. Of course website promotions always need a certain strategy that guarantee better ROI.

Thus, website promotions means a business and the product promotions. The strategy for website promotions is hidden in SEO and SEM techniques. If Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is done in a very right way, the results are pretty positive and beyond expectations.

Thinking of a good SEO is of course not easy to find on the Internet but it is the proven expertise of any SEO, SEM firm that represents it’s confidence in its services.

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SEO or your Financial Adviser?

SEO Services are known as the Financial Adviser for all of the online businesses.

Like you industrial business, it always need a specific strategy to meet standards those are changing day by day. The standards are certain rules and regulations that search engines follow and apply on all the websites over the Internet. Without knowing that search engine algorithm, one can never compete with the competitors rather may not be able to reach their targeted ROI.

Search Engine Optimization provides better solutions to your online businesses that will consequently guarantee better Return On Investments.

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How Alexa defines site’s traffic –

Alexa has been proven as a good tool in evaluating website’s traffic and page views. It basically calculates the average visitors and the page views for a day over a certain period of time, like generally past three months. ranks No.1 to those of a good traffic and page views sites. Like, any website that posses more visitors and those make more page views will be ranked 1.

The value that Alexa displays as a “Traffic Rank” for any site can be defined as,

The lower the Alexa Rank at any site the higher the traffic and page views at that site


The higher the Alexa rank at any site, the lower the traffic and page views at that site“.

SEO professionals & webmasters use this tool to keep eyes on what is going on with their sites.

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PodCast about your business at a free platform of millions of opportunities to improve and propagate your business across the world. It provides multiple facilities and options where you can get the maximum exposure for your businesses. I believe, none of the marketing option was so effective ever before as of the youtube videos. Prepare your business profiles, product introduction & features, services and then upload them in the form of video over the youtube. You really can’t imagine what kind of magnificent result you’ll be getting from.

Interesting thing is that, even providing such an effective performance for your ROI, it demands nothing except the strategies to make and launch video in targeted categories. Once you have made up with few videos, you can also put them in video response to any related and good page rank and traffic videos to get more indexing and statistics.

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How to select Best Website Hosting Solution

Once the website is developed with the contents and the necessary requisites, we always need a better solution for its hosting over the Internet.

To find a full featured hosting provider is really not so easy and we always have to experience first and then to select the right one amongst the many. What my suggestion is, instead of practicing over the effectiveness or the flaws of the hosting providers, one must gather enough information about the hosting providers. Below is a small check list of necessary items that makes a full featured hosting.

Hosting Price?
Domain Names Price?
How often they get offline for maintenance?
Support response time?
Sub-Domain flexibility?
Email Account?
Server Speed?
Disk Space?
Domain Add-on facility?

Besides above, some hosting providers facilitate with many other feature and offers.

I have account with and as well but I could find best for my business is really a It not only include all the above mentioned features but also benefit with the special offers like currently they are offering almost $50 discount for Pre-Renewals for three years. Of course they have a very feasible charge as low as $4.5 per month for full featured hosting with un-limited bandwidth, un-limited disk space 1000 email accounts and 1000 sub-domain flexibility.

Another suggestion is to evaluate amongst the different hosting providers by comparing their features, benefits, and prices etc.

Benefits of Month to Month Text Link Placements over 3, 6 or 12 months

Although we also place links on 3 monthly, 6 monthly and yearly basis but we generally and most usually follow the per month placement option. Below is a little overview of what benefits can a text link bring on monthly basis rather than any longer period.

Per month placement option means a text link we place on any site will be paid for the entire month and there is no guarantee that the link will stay even a single day above a month. However, the minimum period where the link will stay on the site is generally four months with renewal on each month (1st of each month). The option is pretty flexible for advertiser and web owners simultaneously as if any link placed on any site is failed to generate the minimum expected results for the advertiser, the advertiser can drop the deal on the preceding month. In the other side, if the link itself presents any conflict or drops some SEO stats of the link hosted site, the web owner is free to pull the link down by the end of that month.

One more benefit for web owners is to get a higher revenue comparing to one on 3, 6 or 12 month placements. Similarly the advertiser can make a slices of small installments whereas can keep the link for period as longer as he wish.

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Does Blogging help the business 4 better ROI?

Business over the Internet has un-limited means to get expansion and reputation for the achievement of vision specific goals.

One of the major resources that uplift your business in generation of better Return On Investment (ROI) is “blogging” about your business, its advancements, exposure and benefits to the globe. The idea is a bit hidden and still not obvious to everybody in the business. I’m taking this opportunity to let you know about the blogging effectiveness to earn more from your business.

A blog is a website where you write something about anything you wish to let your viewers know about. Some people write it about their personal lives but some get the benefit to expand business and it’s reputation. My idea for you is the later one about business promotions.

There are certain ways to blog about your business one that is a bit expensive is to built a separate blog about your product or services where you’ll write about every aspect of the products. The other is to have a blog associated with your existing domain (website), this idea is also appreciable as your viewers are facilitated with one-spot information. The last one is the cheapest one and that also helps your website to get into the search engine results, is to have a free blog on social media free blogging platforms. Most renowned platforms are and the You can build a blog in the name of your site ( or and leave link backs to your original site.

This way, you’ll get a lot of benefits in promoting your business and generating higher revenues. If you don’t have enough time to do all the stuff as it always take some time, you can relax back and just let us know as we’ll setup a complete blog for you and the promotion responsibility will also be at our end.

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and SEO

For all the Internet surfers those require browsing all the time, always need a powerful browser. Of course the Internet Explorer is pretty good for simple browsing but as per my experience even with the IE 7 Version, it slows down and sometimes halt with the heavy browsing.

This may not be a problem for casual users but a big hurdle for the SEO Professionals. There are others like Netscape Navigator, Google Chrome but what I’m confident and satisfied with, is a Mozilla Firefox browser. has recently updated with the new release of Firefox Version 3.5 that brings many new facilities to professionals. Getting Multiple Addons and running smoothly has been resolved through the said. Since I need many addons to evaluate things related Search Engine Optimization.

If you are an SEO Expert, I’d strongly suggest’s Firefox with its latest version 3.5 as it facilitates with a lot of SEO Tools.