Why do we need a Fan Page on Facebook?

As we know face book is a platform that gives facility to socialize ourselves and our businesses. It comes live from creating our personal account and explores itself with many possibilities and options to market stuff to our friends, family and the entire Globe wherever we can get people to visit us.

On the left, is the picture of a Fan Page on Facebook as you can see www.Shop4Ease.com is broadcasting it’s news, events and offerings to it’s Fans across the Globe. In fact, fans are the people who voluntarily joins your page and they have a discrete interest in your page’s contents.

The lower Image is presenting a view of Fans on the very page of Shop4Ease.com. So you see you can have facility to have un-limited fans. There have been two major benefits of the page, as one of the Advertising (Totally Free) and the other of SEO where you are optimizing your pages from your website and creating back links for your each page.