SEO Tips as a Gift on Ending Year 2014

Search Engine Optimization is indeed an art to either enhance or loose your website ranking among different search engines. A white hat SEO (also known as ethical SEO) always yield positive returns however, a black hat on the other hand may have risky results, could probably be positive or negative.

The year 2014 has been a great year and our expertise towards SEO have proven significant improvements matching the S.Es crawler’s philosophy. We would love share some handful tactics those are easy to understand and implement.

SEO for 2014-2015

1. Website Animation/Slider
Creating attractive websites with lot of animations and images on home page is a great fun however, generally impact negatively on the website’s SEO. You could alternatively have a slider processing no more than 3-5 images which should be well optimized to match the weight of the header. These slider images can contain both text and the images to convey your product or services message to visitors.

2. Title and the Meta Tags
Putting meta tags in the header which at least contain title tag, description tag and the keywords tag. These tags help search engine crawlers to understand the subject of your website and can easily fetch into the S.E results whenever someone put queries matching your website subject.

Here is the standard size list for all three tags in the header file/page:
Note: include them before </head>

(a) Title Tag = 50-60 characters

i.e <title>Your website Title</title>

(b) Description Tag = 100-155 Characters

i.e <meta name=”description” content=”This is all about your website description may include main matter” />

(c) Keywords Tag = 100-255 characters

i.e <meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, keyword4, keyword5,  keyword6″  />

3. Social Media Linking
Make an efficient use of all Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitte, GooglePlus, LinkedIn etc.
You can route the information regarding your products or services within no time and without spending a penny. This will work for your as a free off page SEO.

4. Blog Posting

Try making use of WordPress technology which provides a decent website creation along-with blog to spread your news, updates or any other information.
Try creating at least one post a week to attract search engine crawler’s attention for all relevant queries. Use a combination of text and images (optimized) for better visitor’s attraction.

5. Free Blogging

Try reserving free wordpress and blogger domain naming your site and having link back to your private website. This will work as a off page SEO with free linkback to your page. Keep on posting relevant material with linkback to each respective page of your private/business web pages.