Does Page Rank Necessary to Rank in SERP?

Does page rank important in google ranking?From the last decade, page rank has been considered a major pillar to understand any website’s worth however, the idea is still true because a google page rank is only given when a web page meets certain tough criteria of being the best among many.

A page rank is a measure of particular standards google has already defined for each page that include unique and valuable content on that page, number of sites linking to that page, quality and rank of sites linking to the page, and the domain’s age itself etc.

However, saying that you’ll get a top position in google results just because your site is having a higher page rank would definitely be not always true because a low PR page or even NO PR page can get on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) because of the content it contains and couple of other reasons.

So, it’s good to have higher page rank but better to pop up in first results of search engines which actually makes a good move in returns.

We at The Media Annexes aim to get provide both page rank and the top position in search engine result pages through our strategic efforts in search engine optimization.