How to select Best Website Hosting Solution

Once the website is developed with the contents and the necessary requisites, we always need a better solution for its hosting over the Internet.

To find a full featured hosting provider is really not so easy and we always have to experience first and then to select the right one amongst the many. What my suggestion is, instead of practicing over the effectiveness or the flaws of the hosting providers, one must gather enough information about the hosting providers. Below is a small check list of necessary items that makes a full featured hosting.

Hosting Price?
Domain Names Price?
How often they get offline for maintenance?
Support response time?
Sub-Domain flexibility?
Email Account?
Server Speed?
Disk Space?
Domain Add-on facility?

Besides above, some hosting providers facilitate with many other feature and offers.

I have account with and as well but I could find best for my business is really a It not only include all the above mentioned features but also benefit with the special offers like currently they are offering almost $50 discount for Pre-Renewals for three years. Of course they have a very feasible charge as low as $4.5 per month for full featured hosting with un-limited bandwidth, un-limited disk space 1000 email accounts and 1000 sub-domain flexibility.

Another suggestion is to evaluate amongst the different hosting providers by comparing their features, benefits, and prices etc.