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SEO Assistants: Article Writing, Comments, Text Links

As for as businesses are getting automated, the marketing and advertising has also raised to its climax over the Internet. Certain techniques and methodologies have been invented to meet the business revenues. One way is to put the banners on the other sites for getting publicity and a bit of reputation. The prices for the kind of advertisements are still higher, since the occupying more space on the web pages.

The other Strategy which is quite feasible and more effective is the Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the simplest and more result oriented method but needs certain strategies to meet the SEO requisites. If the process of building stronger SEO is authentic and in the pretty right direction, there isn’t any thing then to stop the Generation of Revenues beyond imaginations.

Article writing is a fun and is one of the major techniques of Search Engine Optimization. Writing an article is not a problem but writing a unique article is really precious and drives the nail very right for SEO purpose. Once the article has been written uniquely, the next step is to put it into the particular social media platforms where the viewers mostly come for their reading material. Submitting article to one of that platform and leaving a link back to your site can make site highly favorite to search engines.

Other method is the Text Link Building where you place a link on related others sites back to your site. This process is the major one and the most effective in Search Engine Optimization. Comparing to banner ads, the Text Link Ads require a very small amount but provide brighter consequences. Only you need to contact the very right SEO Expert for the Targeted Text Link Building.

The third method is to put “Comments” on related site posts providing your keywords in place of name and the website in the place of URL. This method is totally free but assistant to SEO Process.

There are still many ways where you can get the better results in your Website Promotions and revenue generation.

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How Comments in other sites can benefit your site?

One of the cheapest and the google authorized linking techniques is to put a comment in any post of other blog or site.

Commenting is not something that you start doing everywhere you wish, if you are intended to get some SEO benefit to your site. Rather, you must have to be selective as per your site contents. Suppose, if you are running or managing a mobile marketing site, so it would be more better to comment on sites with marketing & sales in mobiles or at least should be dealing in communication products.

There isn’t any harm to comment the non-related websites but for SEO profit, you need to comment on related one. Two ways to comment, one is simply leave a comment and the site itself requires you URL email & name. In this scenario you can leave your keyword or site name in the place of name and the website URL you wanted to promote. Second method is to put a hyper link in the comment body as well if the site is accepting html tags.

When putting your name and url to make an in-link or the link back, if you are using site name or your highly valued keywords then, remember not to use your site name or the certain keyword exactly rather you can use a similar or elaborating one instead. For example, your site title is “Leather Jackets” so instead of using word Leather jackets, you can use “Winter Clothes” or “Leather garments”. You can use the original title at few places but if you’ll use it all the time, google will bypass either considering spam or the memorized old keyword.

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