How to Add a Link in’s blog

During the course of our business operations, we have noticed that some blog owners don’t know that how to add a link in the blog. We are prompted multiple times to guide them step by step to add a link.

For our respected web-owners, we have created a complete and easy step by step guide for adding a link in the’s blog.

Here is the guide:

1. Login to your blogger account for your blog like your blog
(You’ll directly be logged in to your blog’s Dashboard)

2. From Dashboard Click on the tab “LayOut”.

3. In the LayOut, you’ll see “blog posts” on the left side and “Add a Gadget” on the right side.
(the right side “Add a Gadget” is your right sidebar of the blog)

4. Click on “Add a Gadget” either top of the side bar or the bottom, as per your wish.
(On clicking at “Add a Gadget” you’ll see a new small window is open with the list of gadgets).

5. From the list of Gadgets, select “Text” and you’ll see a text box (almost similar to post box when you create a new post).

6. Write any title in the “Title” box, you can write title as “Partner Sites” or “Favorite Sites” or “Useful Sites”.

7. In the “Content Box” (just below the title box) place the link as example provided in the image below:-


8. Once the link above is placed in the content box, click on the “Save” button and the window will automatically be closed and the gadget is now added in the “Layout”.

9. Click again on the “Save” button” provided in the “Layout” portion.

You have placed the link and you can see it in the blog now.

For further questions or queries, you can drop an email or call us directly at provided details.

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