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How to create WordPress website on local host

Learning how to run a wordpress website on your computer is quite easier, i shall guide you step by step all the necessary steps.

You’d be able to enjoy your worpdress website running on your local computer in five simple steps:

  1. Downloading Xampp Server
  2. Downloading Latest WordPress package
  3. Configuring Xampp Server
  4. Configuring WordPress
  5. Configuring Website on your WordPress


You can download xampp server right from your browser with your internet connection, I shall suggest downloading from

Once the download is complete, locate the file in the downloads and try saving it in your software section of any drive.

Now double click the xampp file and follow the steps on the popped up dialog box to configure your xampp server. You can keep the default settings/configurations intact and press the “next” button to proceed with installation.

sooner your xampp server would be installed depending upon speed of your internet.

Configuring Xampp Server

(a) Go to the opened dialog box of the xampp server that you see after xampp installation and start apache and mysql server.

(b) Click on the admin button next to MySql start button to create your database. You’ll be taken to the borwser window with MySql configuration page.

(c) Click on the database tab from the opened window and name the database (you can keep the name as “wordpress” or whatever you wish you see as your website name but in running and with no space. In my case, I put it as bsdigital.

Click the “Create” button next to the name and your database would now be created.


Now it the time to download wordpress package, you can do it easily and directly from Here is the link for your assistance:

From the given two options, select “Download and install it yourself”. The download would complete sooner depending upon your internet speed.

Extract your compressed wordpress file on the same place and once extracted, name the file whatever name your kept for your database (Like I shall put it as “bsdigital” because I created my database in the same name. Now copy the folder.

Now go to your “C” drive where you installed your xampp server and open the xampp folder.

Locate and open the “htdoc” folder from xampp folder.

Now paste your wordpress folder here (like I copied my “bsdigital” folder and pasted here).

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How to create transparent blur effect in Photoshop

Photoshop is one the most proficient image editing and graphics designing software. It provides numerous tools to make and shape the images as per our requisites. Today, we see the website or the business worth well with the image and video presentations and PS helps to make it possible depending upon our skills and hands on practices.

Today’s topic is how we can create transparent blur effect in photoshop, so below are the steps that need to be taken for the same:

  1. Open a new file to create your transparent blur effect image, I created 1000×1000 dimension blank layer. You may name it a transparent blur function and save.

2. Apply a background image by copying and pasting on the same layer.

3. Select the image layer and go to layer menu to create a duplicate layer. You can do this by pressing cntrl+J as well.

4. Select the duplicate layer and go to filter menu to select blur-> Gaussian Blur..

This will blur the layer and will display a prompt dialogue to select the radios. You may vary the value of radios as per your choice.

5. Make the blur image invisible by clicking on the “eye” beside the layer.

6. Select the first image layer again and draw a rectangle box.

I created something like below:

7. Select the blur image layer (it will go visible automatically) and press cntrl+G.

This will show up something like below:

8. Now double click the rectangle mask to open blending options and check the inner glow.

it will show up like this:

9. You can now write anything on the created transparent blur mask.

What I have written is as below:

So, All Done for now!