How do we connect website owners & Advertisers!

The process of connecting website owners and advertisers for the sake of advertising or for SEO purpose, is quite simple and authentic at The Media Annexes.

Our Advertisers!

We have different advertising & internet marketing contracts with advertisers and advertising agencies at one end, and a sudden request from unknown advertiser is second. Advertisers in our contracts are the the bodies into the website business and some from the renowned companies for their products and services promotions. Referring to casual or sudden ad requests, we have an authentic and trustworthy place for working as a third party management, so people those who come across our website, they contact us for the reliable fulfillment of their needs.

Our Web-Owners!

For website owners, we have a complete inventory of websites where the web-owners either themselves submit their sites and expected revenues or we contact them for our advertising needs and offer them the market compatible and competent rates.

If this article do not meet the answer to your questions or queries, feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be of your assistance to our earliest!