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Why On-Site or On the Page SEO?

On the site SEO also called On page SEO. There is a difference in the names but no difference in the work and effectiveness.

Whenever we take a start with a new business, we always need a website online as per the current era’s requisites. We usually spend 30% on assets & accessories and 30% to entire matter whereas, at least 40% goes to advertising and marketing as per the general conceptual investment plan. Sometimes, the cost doubles for the advertising & marketing comparing to rest of investment. In this scenario, we usually get 10 to 15% of the revenue at max and yet the business is not routed across the globe.

What SEO does, is to cost just a fraction of the investment and it gives revenues might be 20 folds extra the revenue generated from traditional marketing & advertising.

For the websites, the very first aspect of the SEO is the On-site SEO which is implemented during the website development process. This is just to give you understanding of On-site SEO and a bit of the significance in generation of revenue.

On-site SEO includes, website design, layout, tags, titles, headings, descriptions and your source code in overall. These are the aspects where search engine crawler looks and decides whether rank higher are lower and where to put 1st in the search results or the last.

The key idea is to make the content friendly to searchers and to search engines. If this is something you realize complicated for you, just drop us an email or call and we’ll be surely of your assistance.

Article Marketing & Business Revenues!

Article marketing, looks something like, going into the pre-metric or the Intermediate classes to start writing down assays for higher scores.

But…..I’d like to say YES when the Internet articles convert your words into the wealth!

I was thinking of what I could share with you today, of value, it hit me. No matter what you are trying to promote, the internet is first place where people go to research. When they type in their term, if they are in your niche, you want your contents to pop up first, right?!

Now, upon this first interaction:

what if you could put aside trying to sell them right away and work on becoming the source of knowledge in their eyes?

What if your article popped up and they read it and decided that they liked what you had to say?

What if your resource box THEN led them to your lead capture page?

Wouldn’t that be a great funnel /process to take your “suspect” through at this point?

See this is how you become the trusted source. This is how you get people to look at other stuff you have. This is how you start to build a rapport. AND, this is how you begin to build a list…the most important aspect of your business.

Contact to learn more about how to use article marketing to expand your business and to enhance your revenues.