How text Link Ads rates differ among the sites?

Since we are in text link building services for many years, there are variety of rate differences against the same stats sites. Stats in relation with page rank, Alexa, contents and other SEO factors.

During our operations, many advertisers tend to ask for the price difference against different sites, this made me to write a complete review about the matter that how does the difference occur.

You see, some good page rank sites with good Alexa and unique contents charge a low to medium fee for a link per month but at the same place a poor traffic site with low page rank and higher Alexa values demands much higher than of the former. The reason is very obvious that there are no certain rates under one authority and the web owners are totally free to charge as per their wishes. In that kind of case, we are always dependent over the web owners for making a quot to advertisers. However, we always select web-owners with the good sense of marketing and awareness to general market rates moreover, the advertisers have liberty to differentiate and select the most competent as per their budget and requisites.

For the general operations and market rates, the rate is higher for high page rank, greater traffic and unique content sites and a much lower for the low traffic, low PR and mirror content sites.

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