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Google Crawler Latest Trends

Googlebot or the Google crawler’s current Algo defines a lot of change in ranking any websites. The major change was held with the use of unique content and the way sites are interlinked. Sites with duplicated content were set to n/a pr from even PR7 and so. Sites with unique content were upgraded to higher page ranks like PR6 and PR7 even PR8 from PR2 and PR0. Site linking from duplicate content sites were also lost there rankings and positions in search engines. The best way to achieve today’s search Engine ranking and positions, is to have matchless content, and to have links from Unique content sites.

How to promote Fresh Websites

Critical Website Promotional Advice

A route to your organic link building in a pretty natural way

Generally websites are considered well by the search engines if they possess many links coming back to them from other related websites. This scenario is only effective for older websites like websites with minimum age of six months. However, for newer or recently born websites, don’t try to pack them with the in coming links. This is because, now the search engine crawlers have started looking at the behavior of websites in contrast with their ages. It’s more like a human feelings and perceptions about anything that is going awkward or something otherwise. Now the google or any other search engine crawler can easily understand the philosophy of outbound and in coming links for any websites.

It now, clearly knows that a fresh website can’t have so many back links until it don’t have any robust relation with the sites that are pointing back to that site. The penalty might be a sandbox or out of indexing by the search engines.

What we suggest for the newer sites, is to approach the link building process in a pretty natural way, like you can put comments under the posts of related websites. Specifically, blogs of the similar nature are preferred because they generally have unique and newer contents that may give a good values to your web stats when linking back. These links are generally nofollow however, can give a better indexing and promotion for the newer websites.

Another easy and effective way is to write a press release, articles and reviews about your site on certain social media platforms like, facebook page, and many others. You can also tweet your posts, news etc to twitter that will ultimately link back to your websites giving a good ranking for search engines.

Text-Link Advertising & Website promotions! has a standard and certain algorithm to crawl into website’s different aspects and to assign a rank accordingly.

The term & methodology is not hidden from many web-masters & designers and of course they might care about when dealing with on-site or off-site SEO. However, the aspect and the peculiar crawling standards are hidden from most of the web-owners since they are just the owners but not the web-masters.

According to general analysis, it’s been observed that even most of the web-masters do not know about the phenomena going on, in google’s crawling algorithm. Either the aspect is still hidden from them or they don’t consider it significant. Below is a glance of its importance in getting better ROI.

Since the Online Advertising has gained its climax across the world, as people started publishing over the Internet and this denotes the first need of website Optimization for search engines and you know almost 75% selling & buying business has been switched over the Internet, is the second necessity to improve the site for Search Engine Optimization & criteria.

Yet, the game is not over, if you succeeded to know the two of necessities described above. There are many aspects still hidden from the open eyes those can be the key to your successful business operations.

Text-link building or advertising is one and core object in SEO for website promotions but it’s only effective if done at the right website, the right place, right region and to the right readers. Wrong text-link building can cause a ban from search engines and can drop from even a PR4 to null.

What we do, we provide a successful text-link building operations. Since we have done a lot of projects, we always assure a result oriented approach.