Adding a Home Page Only Link on Blog

Since we try to provide every possible assistance to web owners in text link building process, we have another help line that seems important for web owners to generate more revenues from their websites.

If you need multiple options for making money from your site so, you can segregate between the site-wide and Home page only link. If your site is not pretty much attractive for advertisers then you can keep providing the extra benefit of site wide links that may assist to get more attention from advertisers but, if you feel your site is highly favorite to advertisers, you can make multiple options for link placements. One is the Site wide (all pages) and the other is Home page only link that will appear only on the home page.

During our text link building processes with the web owners, we realized that majority of them don’t know the procedure to make a link “home page only” in the ‘s blog.

Below is a step by step guide to add a homepage only link in blog.

1. Add a “Link List” widget from your account and put a title as per your wish (generally title named as “Partner Sites” or Favorite Site”) and remember the title you entered.
2. select the “Layout” tab.
3. From “LayOut” tab, click on the “Edit html” tab under it. You’ll a check box on the right hand side just on the top of the source code. Check the box “Expand Widget Templates”.
4. Press and hold the control key and press “F” to find your widget you already placed for link list. You can find as “<b:widget id=”.
5. Just below the widget id, you’ll find another code line as “<b:includable id=’main’>” .
6. If you have located the tag <b:includable id=’main’> , place the code under it as provided below:-

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl’>

7. Once you have placed the above code, now you’ll find the closing tag </b:includable> few lines below.

8. When you fond above mentioned tag, place the code just above it as provided below:-


Now you have done with making a link “Home Page Only”.

For further assistance, feel free to contact.