Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and SEO

For all the Internet surfers those require browsing all the time, always need a powerful browser. Of course the Internet Explorer is pretty good for simple browsing but as per my experience even with the IE 7 Version, it slows down and sometimes halt with the heavy browsing.

This may not be a problem for casual users but a big hurdle for the SEO Professionals. There are others like Netscape Navigator, Google Chrome but what I’m confident and satisfied with, is a Mozilla Firefox browser. has recently updated with the new release of Firefox Version 3.5 that brings many new facilities to professionals. Getting Multiple Addons and running smoothly has been resolved through the said. Since I need many addons to evaluate things related Search Engine Optimization.

If you are an SEO Expert, I’d strongly suggest’s Firefox with its latest version 3.5 as it facilitates with a lot of SEO Tools.